George Hansen
Damned Designs
Band Design Re-Creations / Graphics Work

Damned Designs

Band Design Re-Creations / Graphics Work

Skype: Hansen.home01
Email: Georgehansen20

About Me

Hey there,
My names George and i've had a passion for animation, graphics and editing for almost 6 years now.
When i was 11 i got into image editing software and i've developed my skills
into animation, video editing and website design.

I work freelance for graphics, animated video introductions or presentations, though recently i have been mainly focusing on animation and editing.
(For more information about prices and any other inquiries you can contact me via EMail)

I've set up this portfolio to show off what i am capable of and what i am willing to offer.
Check out my Youtube channel for animation and edits i have done.

Contact Details

If you would like me to create any type of artwork for you just contact me:

Skype: Hansen.home01


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